World Federation of Advertisers, 2016

"His interpersonal skills together with his professionalism and his commitment to the organization made him a valuable asset to the WFA. (...) He’s methodological, results-orientated and has a desire for continual improvement. His enthusiasm, his openness and his team spirit are to his credit. It was a pleasure working with him."

McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, 2014

"He assisted in the administration of 11 REACH consortia, including meeting organization (...). During his 1.5 years with the firm, he acquired thorough knowledge of all processes involved in the set-up and running of such consortia (...). He was involved in the organization of technical and steering committee meetings and on a logistical level played a crucial part in their set-up (...). In addition, Martin from time to time assisted with legal research and translations (...). Martin was a pleasure to work with."

Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU, 2012

"He showed a deep commitment to his duties, often showing initiative and having a smart, creative and perfectionistic attitude towards the tasks he was given. (...) I truly recommend Marcin for any position requiring good organisational and administrative skills, dedication, team spirit and an open mind."

H.E. Michal Czetwertynski, fmr Belgian Ambassador to Brazil, 2010

"He has substantial practical knowledge of the workings of European institutions and a good sense of interpersonal relations, acquired through living in various foreign countries and cultures. He is especially interested in organizing official events and the employment of the rules of protocol on an international level."

Asia-Pacific CEO Association, 2010

"I highly recommend Martin Mycielski for any job requiring a skill set necessary for organizing top-level events or dealing with VIPs and government representatives."

Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Prof. Boguslaw Liberadzki MEP, 2010

"We truly appreciate Mr Mycielski’s work and recommend him to any person, company or institution in need of a professional event organizer, especially within the area of European Institutions and international policy making."

China Institute, 2010

"We would like to thank him and recommend his work, as we are convinced he could be a valuable asset to any organization dealing with complex event management as well as handling high-level government delegations and representatives."

Bogdan Golik, Member of the European Parliament, 2009

"His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with other employees of my offices across Europe, as well as many other assistants and functionaries in the European Parliament, European Commission and other institutions we have collaborated with. (...) I recommend him for employment without reservation."

The Democratic Party, 2009

"Mr Mycielski has organized or co-organized all the election campaigns for the Party in Warsaw during this time, including the parliamentary election campaign in 2007, when he worked as the Regional Campaign Manager, planning and carrying out a full-scale campaign for the city of Warsaw and the region."

Prof. Dr Grazyna Grudzinska, Director of the Iberian Studies Institute, 2007

"I recommend Mr Martin Mycielski, confirming his proficiency and reliability in the tasks he is entrusted with."

Prof. Dr Irena Curylo-Gonzalez, Professor at WU and the Warsaw School of Economics, 2007

"With full responsibility I recommend Mr Martin Mycielski for any post requiring organizational skills, creativity and consistency in action."

Marcin Swiecicki, MP, fmr President of Warsaw and Minister of Economy, 2006

"I know him and I know the work of international organizations. With full responsibility I support Mr Martin Mycielski’s efforts to receive an internship in European institutions. He will represent the most talented and publically-engaged Polish youth well."

Prof. Dr Kazimierz Sabik, WU Iberian Studies Institute Council Chairman, 2006

"Mr Martin Mycielski (...) distinguishes himself with extraordinary commitment to all initiatives and undertakings concerning student affairs, on Institute, Faculty and University level"

Dr Katarzyna Mikulska-Dabrowska, Assistant Professor at Warsaw University, 2006

"I could always count on Mr Martin, whether concerning contacting students, or, for example, when organizing open days for candidates. With the latter event he has also proven to be an excellent organizer."

Character reference contacts (Password-protected PDF)

Contact details of several people who can provide an employment and/or character reference if required. NOTE: Due to the personal nature of the information the file is password-protected. Password will be provided upon request.


CV (Password-protected PDF)

Full Curriculum Vitae in PDF format - currently unavailable for online download, only upon email request.


Events and campaigns list (PDF)

List of the most noteworthy events and campaigns managed, organized or co-organized, in PDF format.

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