Dec 2017 until now
Director of Outreach & Communications
EU DisinfoLab (Brussels)

- Creating and coordinating the organisation's outreach & communication strategy; - Representing the organisation & acting as an expert/panelist at international conferences, summits & events related to strategic communications (StratCom), democracy and disinformation; - Building partnerships, creating funding opportunities & networking with experts and relevant organisations, incl. EU institutions, national governments and international bodies; - Counter-disinformation project management; - Occasional recruitment.

Aug 2017 until now
Special Adviser, Institutional Relations
Saper Vedere (Brussels)

Co-designing/executing comprehensive, innovative public affairs campaigns in the EU bubble (awarded two 2017 European Public Affairs Awards, for Best EP Lobbying & Best NGO Campaign); Consulting on press relations & communications, esp. through social media; Activating institutional support, especially within the European Parliament and Commission; Advising on company development & client acquisition; Managing the company's on-line presence; Launching an international NGO focused on fighting disinformation and fake news.

Jan 2017 until Jan 2018
Communications & Media Relations Consultant
Freelance (Brussels)

Advising EU institutions & NGOs on strategy and best practices re. press relations, political messaging & communications. Coaching communications officers. Worked or currently working for: - Lionbridge - European Commission / DG COMM (campaigns: #EUempowers, European Year of Cultural Heritage) - European Emergency Number Association - EENA112 (#MakeEUsafe campaign) - Fire Safe Europe (#EUCanBeFireSafe campaign) - Saper Vedere (#DisinfoLab and others)

Feb 2017 until now
Brussels Correspondent
Gazeta Wyborcza (Brussels)

Accredited journalist at the European institutions. Writing extended reports on EU-related affairs as well as other issues relevant to readers of Poland’s leading newspaper. Providing content for Poland's leading news website Gazeta.pl. Occasional live video reporting.

Nov 2015 until Jan 2017
Foreign Affairs Secretary & Spokesperson
Committee for the Defence of Democracy (Brussels)

Heading the EU office of the Warsaw'based NGO with its 1600+ European members & supporters (out of over 65.000 worldwide) and all communications targeted at the EU bubble & international community. Acting as spokesperson, representing the organisation in international media, at debates, events and before EU institutions. Advising EU policy-makers, writing articles, policy papers and press releases. Creating & heading the communications strategy, developing "EU bubble" contacts network (esp. media).

May 2014 until Aug 2016
Database Manager
World Federation of Advertisers (Brussels)

Responsible for WFA's CRM and on-line platform, used by thousands of members globally. Analysing the functionality and efficiency of current IT and IM solutions to determine the best course for the future, considering the rapid expansion of the organization. Determining ways to improve end user experience, usability and satisfaction, as well as to streamline back office processes. Liaising with Members, directing and assigning them to appropriate Working Groups, work streams and newsletters. Aiding corporate and national association Members with technical and online services issues. Managing external partners and service providers. Event and communications support.

Oct 2012 until Apr 2014
REACH consortia team member
McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (Brussels)

Work on REACH consortia managed by the international law firm (now part of Dentons US LLP), legal research, meeting management.

Jan 2011 until Jan 2012
EU Council Internships, Promotion & Events Coordinator
Polish Perm. Rep. to the EU / EU Council Presidency (Brussels)

Member of the Presidency task force, responsible for internships of national officials in the EU Council, events management as well as design and production of promotional materials.

Jan until Apr 2010
Coordinator of the EU-China Economic Forum
European Parliament / Asia-Pacific CEO Association (Brussels)

Coordination of all the preparations for the Brussels part of the EU-China Economic Forum, held in the EP. Supervising a team spread across 4 offices. Management of the speakers, guests, agenda, logistics and all promotional / communication activities. Organization of a visit of a high-profile Chinese delegation including government officials (Governors, Mayors, Ambassadors) and top-level executives.

Jan until July 2009
Head of Cabinet
European Parliament (Brussels)

Managing the cabinet and 3 offices across Europe for an MEP. Supervising staff, advising the MEP, following and analysing policy development, drafting speeches, policy papers, articles, letters, reports, presentations etc. as well as attending meetings on his behalf. Managing the MEP's website, media relations and communication channels. Responding to constituent & media queries, research. Work on relations with China and security and defence issues. Organizing meetings and high-profile events like the 2009 EU-China conference on solving the global financial crisis. Liaising with other MEP offices, EP and EC officials and 3rd parties.

Nov until Dec 2008
Intern/Assistant to MEP (ALDE)
European Parliament (Brussels)

Assisting a Member of the European Parliament and daily management of his office. Policy work concerning mostly the Climate Package and various administrative duties.

Sep until Nov 2008
Office of the Marshal of the Mazovia Province (Warsaw)

Conducting research on the possibilities and legal framework of restructuring the division of the region.

Feb until Mar 2008
Intern/Assistant to EP Vice President
European Parliament (Brussels)

Assisting the EP Vice President, mostly in the Foreign Affairs and Security and Defense committees. Daily office management and administrative work.

Dec 2006 - Nov 2008
Regional Campaign Manager
The Democratic Party / ALDE (Warsaw)

Managing the party's communications, events, social & political campaigns and election campaigns in subsequent parliamentary and local elections.

Jun until Jul 2007
Office of the Marshal of the Mazovia Province (Warsaw)

Researching & reporting on the usage of pre-accession EU funds by local governments in Poland.


2015 until 2016
Postgraduate studies in Computer Graphics
European Information Technologies Certification Academy

2009 until 2010
MA in Diplomatic and Business Protocol, Foreign Relations and Organization of Events
Camilo José Cela University / Int. School of Protocol and Diplomacy (Madrid/Brussels)

Cum laude

2006 until 2008
Management (MBA studies, 2 years)
Warsaw University

2003 until 2006
English Philology, Iberian Culture (BA/MA studies, 3 years)
Warsaw University

President of Students’ Union, Faculty Council member (each office held 2 terms)

1999 until 2003
Specialized human sciences class with extended French language
Col. Lis-Kula High School No XIII (Warsaw)


Jul 2018
While Poles defend courts, Kaczynski hijacks EU elections

Op-ed on recent changes in the Polish electoral code for the 2019 European elections.

Jun 2018
In the EU’s fight against fake news, disinformation is winning
The Next Web

Opinion piece on the European Commission's actions towards countering disinformation.

Mar 2018
The Authoritarian Regime Survival Guide
Center for Global Constitutionalism

Updated compilation of earlier works with introduction.

Jan 2018
Facebook’s News Feed changes are probably going to be great for fake news
The Next Web

Opinion piece on how Facebook's new News Feed algorithm could boost fake news, co-authored with Alexandre Alaphilippe.

Dec 2017
Walesa on Polish nationalism: When demons awake

Interview with fmr President & Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Lech Wałęsa

Dec 2017
Increasingly a Necessity: A 15-Point Guide to Surviving Authoritarianism

Reprint of the Authoritarian Regime Survival Guide with an introduction by Kali Holloway.

June 2017
4 June 1989 in Poland: A date to celebrate or to forget?

Opinion piece on Polish attitudes towards the first semi-free elections in 1989.

June 2017
Trump’s silver lining for Europe

Opinion piece on possible scenarios for Europe following the election of Donald J. Trump.

May 2017
Twitter in the electoral fight
Civic Institute

Analysis of Twitter disinformation & fake news during the French presidential campaign.

Jan 2017
Surviving authoritarianism: Polish advice for the US

Opinion piece on how European experiences can prepare the US for Donald Trump. Combined with 4 tweets and a website (www.LearnFromEurope.org) the full piece had a reach of over 2.5 million people after 1 week from publication.

Nov 2016
The crisis of European identity and awakening of civil society
European View / Springer

Policy paper on the crisis of European identity, the European Commission's communication strategy and civil society movements.

Sept 2016
More spokespeople is not how to save the EU

Opinion piece on the EU's identity crisis and communications strategy.

Feb 2016
Poles must defend their hard-won democracy

Opinion piece on the occasion of the new Polish government's first 100 days in power.

Feb 2016
The Polish Drift: from Europeanization to Autocracy
United Explanations

Opinion piece on the political situation in Poland.

Dec 2015
PiS off

Opinion piece on the constitutional crisis in Poland

Events and campaigns

Global Marketer Week 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Global Marketer Week 2015
Marrakech, Morocco


EU-China Economic Forum

Principal organizer

European Elections, Lodz, Poland

Campaign Manager

"Can a renewed EU-China dialogue help in solving the global financial crisis?" Conference
European Parliament, Brussels

Principal organizer

Public Hearing on Fisheries in the Baltic Sea
European Parliament, Brussels


Parliamentary elections campaign - The Democratic Party
Warsaw, Poland

Regional Campaign Manager

Parliamentary elections campaign - Marcin Swiecicki MP
Warsaw, Poland

Campaign Manager to the former President of Warsaw and Minister of Economy

"Democracy Day"
Warsaw, Poland

Principal organizer - annual event commemorating the first democratic elections, with the participation of the President or the Republic and other high-ranking politicians.

Parliamentary elections campaign - The Democratic Party
Warsaw, Poland

Technical Campaign Manager, Mazovia Region

EU accession referendum
Warsaw, Poland

Volunteer/campaigner for the Office of the Committee of European Integration (UKIE)

From 2003 until 2006
Warsaw, Poland

▪ Organised 3 own campaigns, running twice for the national parliament and for the city council once ▪ Organised numerous meetings, conferences, conventions, press conferences and events for the Democratic Party while holding several offices during 4 years ▪ Warsaw University volunteer/campaigner in the first European elections in Poland, 2004 ▪ Numerous social campaigns organized as President of the Students’ Union

Other information

Since 2011
Personnel Security Clearance

EU CONFIDENTIAL, National CONFIDENTIAL (both valid until 2021)

Since a long time ago...
Interests / hobbies

International relations and politics (especially with US and China), rock climbing, sushi, playing the piano, '60s-'70s sci-fi.

Since 2002
Driving licence

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